We have a high regard for being members (hands and feet) of the body of Christ. A member is an active, vital, and indispensable part of the whole body. Members speak with a clear and unified voice what they believe and why they believe it. Blessed by God in the forgiveness of Christ, we live together in harmony as God’s people:

  • Celebrating the Gospel of Christ together
  • Cultivating maturity in Christ together
  • Connecting meaningfully with all people as Christ
  • Contributing joyfully to the mission of Christ

How do I become a member of Trinity?

While we gladly welcome new members and are excited to hear you are interested; don’t rush into it.  Take the time to Worship with us, attend some Bible Studies, ask questions, and participate in whatever other opportunities we offer that interest you.

The process of being a member includes a spiritual formation class called “Bible 101” and a public declaration before the community. Members receive priority in pastoral care and instruction. Membership is also a prerequisite for leadership within the congregation.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member at Trinity please speak to our Pastor or contact our Office Coordinator at 775.782.8153.