When it comes to decorating your vehicle there are the more traditional choices, like decorating for Halloween and using pumpkins…

NOTE: Our trick or treaters are generally toddlers and preschoolers.  So, please DO NOT use any scary items, like blood, bats, witches, spiders, monsters, gore, etc.

However, there are many ways to decorate your trunk!  The best way to plan your trunk is to pick a theme. Think of it like dressing yourself in a costume. Sometimes you pick a theme and throw things together. Some great ideas are:

  • Biblical Themes: Jesus Walking on water, Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the Great Fish, etc.
  • A ’70’s themed vehicle. They threw down some shag, hung a disco ball and parked close to the church so they could run an extension cord to a disco light ball. The people wore ‘fro wigs and tie dye. So you could do 50’s, 60’s or 80’s too.
  • One lady was Mother Goose and had a few little story settings around the trunk representing different nursery rhymes.
  • You can dress as a clown and fill your trunk with balloons.
  • Another great idea was a zookeeper who had lots of stuffed animals set about.
  • One acted like their trunk was the back of a boat. They had fishing poles with paper fish and candy hanging from them.
  • Beach or Luau theme. Open up the back of the vehicle, hang some towels and set up a boogie board against the door, set out beach chairs, use an umbrella. There are tons of things you could do with this. Wear your bathing suit over your clothes!
  • NASCAR Theme – Display all your souvenirs
  • Harvest Theme
  • Sports Theme (pick a sport) – Team displays are popular
  • Popular Kid’s Themes: Sesame Street, Sophia the First, Disney Princess, Other Disney themes, Veggie Tales, Backyardigans
  • Animal Themes – Stuffed animals count!
  • G-Rated Movie Themes (Keep the kids in mind though)
  • Western Theme
  • Camping Out theme
  • Christmas (or other holiday) Theme
  • Gone Fishing Theme
  • Pirate Theme

Don’t forget about a costume for yourself. The best and most interesting trunks have their owners dressed to match the theme.

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Thinks to know for “Trunk or Treat”

  1. Day of Event: Thursday, October 31st
  2. Time of Event: 5:00-7:00 p.m.
  3. Time vehicles should be at Trinity and decorated: We will be able to decorate our trunks in our parking lot!  You can come as early as you need, but vehicles need to be decorated and ready to go by 4:30 p.m.
  4. You do not have to bring candy. Donations of candy are given by the congregation.  If you wish to bring your own, you are welcome too!
  5. There will be a hot dog dinner at the event. Please encourage those you know to come participate in this FREE event.
  6. Please DO NOT decorate your vehicles with anything scary.  If you are questioning something please call and ask 782-8153.