Heavenly Host Program

Several years ago, a program began among Trinity Lutheran members with the goal of helping the congregation get to know each other on a more personal level. The Fellowship Committee decided to try creating small groups that would meet for four months. After the fourth month, there would be a party where all the groups would attend. 

Individual groups are comprised of 8-10 people. There are typically three couples and 2 single people, but there can be any combination in a group. A different couple each month serves as the contact person and decides what the group activity is for their month. The hosts might have the group in their home for a meal, plan for an activity, like attending a movie with lunch afterward, or to go out for brunch or dinner. When hosting in their home, the host often provides the main dish while others bring an appetizer, a salad, or a dessert. 

Heavenly Host 2019 is currently starting Round #11 with 59 people signed up to join in the fun.  We average 50 and more participants in the program each round. We invite new members to take part because this program has been so much fun! Watch for sign-up time and join us in 2020.

The Fellowship Committee