Sundays @ 9:30 a.m. 

Led by Pastor Juls Clausen and Michael Nelson

Below is the PDF for the weekly readings.

2017-2018-Church-Year-Calendar-Three-Year-Series-B (PDF)



Tuesdays @ 11:30 a.m.

“One busy day near the end of Jesus’ second year of public ministry, He had an encounter with some hostile Pharisees.

These religious leaders challenged Jesus about allowing His disciples to pluck grain on the Sabbath and about Him healing a man on the Sabbath.  Some among the Pharisees even went so far as to accuse Jesus of casting out demons “by Beelzebub, the ruler of demons” (Matthew 12:24).  The episode signaled a turning point in Jesus’ teaching style.  Whereas before He had taught sermons peppered with prophetic texts from the Old Testament, He would now only speak in parables when He taught publicly.”

Join Holly Nelson as we explore many of the parables Jesus told in the Gospels.  As we examine these stories, you will discover how Jesus used this teaching style to clarify the truth with those with “ears to hear” but hide the truth from those who rejected His message.

We will spend two weeks on each lesson.

  • January 9/16:  A Lesson About Justice and Grace (The Vineyard)
  • January 23/30: A Lesson About Neighborly Love (The Good Samaritan)
  • February 6/13: A Lesson About Justification by Faith (The Pharisee and the Tax Collector)
  • February 20th:  No Class
  • February 27/March 6: A Lesson About Faithfulness (The Ten Virgins/The Talents)
  • March 13/20:  A Lesson About Serpentine Wisdom (The Unjust Steward)
  • March 27: No Class
  • April 3: No Class
  • April 10/17: A Lesson About Heaven and Hell (The Rich Man and Lazarus)
  • April 24/May 1:  A Lesson About Persistence in Prayer (The Persistent Widow)
  • May 8/15:  A Lesson About God’s Love (The Prodigal Son)


Thursdays: @ 6:30 p.m. – Join Pastor Russ and Cecile Howen.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis

Was the universe designed or is it a product of random chance?

 This 12-week series will present evidence that will confirm the biblical account of creation and will offer defensible answers to some of the most provocative and controversial questions of faith and science.

How did life begin? Where did humans come from? Was Noah’s Flood real? How old is the earth?

In each dynamic 22-minute episode, host Markus Lloyd guides the viewer on a memorable journey through some of the most fascinating topics in creation science. Through interviews with the leading creation scientists, insights from cutting-edge research, and on-location investigations, “Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis” presents evidence that supports the biblical viewpoint and dispels pervasive and inaccurate theories from the secular world.

Developed by the Institute for Creation Research in Dallas, TX, one of the world’s leading creation research organizations, this outstanding series provides an engaging exploration of creation science like never before.

Together with a 107-page viewer guide “Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis,” which can be ordered on the first night of the classes at a cost of $5.00, and this study is an excellent resource for the church, home, or academia.  

Christians of all ages can find many of the answers they need to affirm and defend their faith and to discover the harmony between Scripture and Science.

Classes are scheduled to begin on April 5th in the Fellowship Hall at 6:30 p.m.  Everyone is welcome to attend. Bring a friend who would be interested in this subject.   

Note:  All Bible Studies are in the Parish Hall unless otherwise noted.

Christ Care Groups – (meets in homes)
Leader: Varies

Small groups, with a variety of goals, are active in this ministry.  Each group is under the direction of a small group leader who has received 40 hours of training.  Each group decides when and where to meet and how often.  Some concentrate on increasing their spiritual growth and Biblical knowledge, while others concentrate on providing spiritual support and fellowship.


Come study  Fridays at 9 am.

We meet at the Aspen Park Clubhouse (Farm House)
Host:  Doris Hofer
Leader:  JoAnn Baker

The wood. The thorns. The nails. Christ’s sacrifice has defined the very essence of mankind’s faith for the past 2000 years.   Join us as we examine the cross, contemplate its purpose, and celebrate its significance with He Chose the Nails.  Lucado examines the symbols surrounding Christ’s crucifixion, revealing the claims of the cross and asserting that if they are true, then Christianity itself is true. The supporting evidence either makes the cross the single biggest hoax of all time, or the hope of all humanity.